Invenergy Wind Services Provided

The Client
Invenergy Wind – Chicago, Illinois

The Issue
When Invenergy Wind finalized plans to build Wisconsinís largest windfarm they hired Neil Palmer & Associates to design and implement a public affairs strategy to support local acceptance and state and local permitting. This 133 turbine Forward Wind Energy project quickly became embroiled in controversy due to its location near the internationally recognized Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. Intense and immediate opposition to the Forward Wind Energy project required Neil Palmer & Associates to both defend the project and implement a proactive public affairs plan at the same time.

The Actions
Neil Palmer & Associates prepared a comprehensive public affairs plan that systematically provided each stakeholder group with information relevant to their issues. NPA created a project identity, wrote and produced all the public informational materials and served as project representative with state and national media. Successful efforts to involve statewide and national environmental groups to counter local NIMBY arguments was a critical component to gaining political and media support for Forward. NPA also provided expert witness testimony on public participation and involvement for state regulatory proceedings.

The Results
The Forward Wind Energy project received all required local, county and state regulatory permits in July of 2005. Construction began in late 2007 following resolution of legal challenges and 86 turbines were placed into service in May, 2008.
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