Aurora Health Care Services Provided

The Client
Aurora Health Care – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Issue
With health care issues frequently high on the legislative agenda in Wisconsin and nationwide, Aurora Health Care understood the potential benefits of politically aware and active employees. Aurora, the largest regional health care provider in Wisconsin, selected Neil Palmer & Associates to conduct training to improve employees’ understanding of the political process and encourage their participation.

The Actions
Neil developed the Democracy in Action program, a series of voluntary employee seminars. The Democracy in Action program attracted 400 Aurora employees from all job categories. In a one-year period, Neil Palmer & Associates conducted 20 seminars at company locations scattered across southeastern Wisconsin. Seminars included guest appearances by elected officials from the local area.

After the seminars, Neil Palmer & Associates helped the company establish an internal communication program to keep employees informed about state and federal legislative initiatives involving health care. It includes an employee notification program, organized by legislative district, to help activate grassroots support when needed.

The Results
Aurora President G. Edwin Howe remarked afterward that the program had significantly improved Aurora’s prospects for securing employees’ support on important legislative issues, and that it had equipped employees to be more effective participants on behalf of their own and their families’ interests.