Fair Liquidation of Waste Services Provided

The Client
Fair Liquidation of Waste (FLOW) - Southeastern Wisconsin

The Issue
Fair Liquidation of Waste (FLOW) was formed by suburban communities as part of a bitter dispute over payment for sewer system improvement between the suburbs and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The issue involved court cases, all of which failed to bring about a settlement.

After 12 years of contention, Neil Palmer became FLOW's executive director and chief lobbyist.

The Actions
Neil Palmer directed and coordinated the efforts of all eight suburban governments. That included:
Keeping elected officials and staff informed every step of the way.
Making frequent appearances before city councils and village.
Assisting in drafting bills aimed at resolving the dispute.
Assembling a team of 12 lobbyists to move the bills through the state legislature.
Serving as chief media spokesperson for the suburban communities.

The Results
By the end of 1996, the two sides had reached an agreement that ended the dispute to all parties' satisfaction. The comprehensive agreement covered not only the costs of the Water Pollution Abatement Program but also the pricing and character of future sewer service. Moreover, the agreement helped the district and the suburbs begin to forge more friendly relations and lay the groundwork for regional cooperation on future sewer service planning.