Mid-America Interconnected Network Services Provided

The Client
Mid-America Interconnected Network, Inc. - Lombard, Illinois

The Issue
Mid-America Interconnected Network (MAIN), one of 10 electric reliability councils that make up the North American Electric Council, needed a public affairs strategy to position MAIN as the source of credible information about electric reliability.

The Actions
Neil Palmer & Associates developed key messages for organizational positioning, reliability of the region's power supply and Y2K remediation and preparedness. Other steps in the public affairs strategy included:
Developing an emergency communication plan.
Facilitating communication and information sharing on industry issues among member companies.
Developing and disseminating information materials to member companies to ensure consistent and complementary messages.
Initiating and maintaining relationships with major media and trade press.
Assuming the role of on-site spokespersons in times of power shortages or other reliability issues.

Neil Palmer & Associates coordinated regional communication efforts from the MAIN Coordination Center during several days of energy shortages in the summers of 1998 and 1999. The agency also served as on-site communication manager during the Y2K rollover.

The Results
As MAIN's representative, Neil Palmer & Associates positioned the organization as a major source of information on electric reliability in the region.