ONEOK Services Provided

The Client

The Issue
ONEOK subsidiary Guardian Pipeline was selected to provide additional natural gas transmission capacity to eastern and northeastern Wisconsin gas distribution utilities. The new transmission capability requires the siting, permitting and construction of 112-miles of mainline pipe and multiple meter station connection points to local utilities.

The Actions
Guardian Pipeline selected Neil Palmer & Associates to work with a multi-disciplinary project development team. NHP responsibilities included creating and implementing the overall public affairs plan, creating all public information materials, managing media relations, relations with state and local government officials and design and implementation of a third-party support program. NHP planned and implemented multiple Open House events along the length of the route to inform landowners, neighbors and local officials.

The Results
The Guardian Extension and Expansion project has been well received by all stakeholder groups. The third party support program has documented support for the project from all the major business and labor organizations in the state. Federal and state permitting is proceeding with no organized opposition and no significant need, routing or environmental controversies.