WEPCO (now WE Energies) Services Provided

The Client
Wisconsin Electric Power Company (now WE Energies) - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Issue
An employee survey revealed relatively low scores in the areas of communication and coaching. The Customer Services Business Unit needed an internal communication plan to help improve the situation.

The Actions
Neil Palmer & Associates developed a hands-on, interpersonal communication program tailored to the needs of Customer Services emp;oyees, as opposed to the traditional print and electronic and other mass communications tools the company routinely employed.

As designed by Neil Palmer & Associates, the internal communication plan put tools in the hands of managers and supervisors - employees' preferred information sources - to better inform and coach their direct reports.

Another key element included train-the-trainer sessions using prepared presentation materials, including discussion guides.

The Results
Employee evaluations of the training sessions were high. As a result, a "process college" was planned to help new and experienced team leaders learn from each other and understand the process of customer service fulfillment. Neil Palmer & Associates assisted participants in the development of experiential learning sessions.