Facility Siting
Case Studies


Securing local acceptance and approval for development projects is often difficult. Determining what local leaders will support requires experience and understanding of how local government works, how to communicate complex technical (often viewed as “hazardous”) information about the project and how to design and mange stakeholder consultation.

Neil Palmer & Associates has that experience. The firm specializes in winning local acceptance and support for large, unique, often technical and controversial projects.

Past successes include:

. Industrial and warehouse facilities
. Electric generating facilities
. Electric transmission lines
. Railroad facilities
. Residential developments
. Interstate gas pipelines
. Petroleum pipelines
. Landfills and processing facilities
. Telecommunications and radio towers

Our experienced consultants build strategic programs based on:

. Research and planning before seeking approval
. Advise on avoid and minimize conflict; sometimes what initially seems the simplest and cheapest proposal can become the hardest and more expensive
. Working side-by-side with project planners and engineers
. Collaborating with local governments to identify concerns early so they can be addressed in the facility design.
. Precise and effective public affairs planning

The result: A project plan that creates the least possible controversy, can be supported by regulators and elected officials, and produces a facility permitted and built on schedule

Neil Palmer & Associates can meet your siting needs through consultation on site or route selection, contact and negotiation with local officials, media relations, public hearing and public meeting presentation, informational materials development and other activities.