Issue Management
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Skillful issues management - presenting information directly and truthfully -- can stop controversy and minimize its impact when it does occur.

Neil Palmer & Associates can help you manage an issues campaign that will get your side of the story heard no matter how much noise your opponents make. We do this in a couple of ways:
. Approach issues with carefully designed communication and negotiation strategies customized to your particular issue.
. Take a proactive approach to issues management, often launching the campaign before controversy starts.

We have conducted highly successful public affairs campaigns that shaped public debate and minimized contention on a range of controversial issues. Neil Palmer & Associates create issues management programs with a variety of proven tools and techniques:
. Communication collateral - well-crafted position papers, op-eds, brochures and fact sheets.
. Public presentations that tell your story persuasively and effectively.
. Media relations advice and counsel that helps build allies.

The professionals at Neil Palmer & Associates can help you establish or defend your image and reputation in a way that will allow you to maintain productive relationships with customers, neighbors and other businesses - results the will show up on your bottom line.