Local Relations
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“All politics is local” is not just a clever historical phrase. It is also true, especially when it comes to getting your project approved. Paying attention to the interests and concerns of local thought leaders, elected officials and landowners is a critical component of any good public affairs plan. Neil Palmer & Associates consultants are experienced at identifying and explaining issues to local leaders

We understand how local governments work and know what steps are important to keep a project on track. Even projects permitted at the state or federal level must recognize that local opinion leaders can play a critical role in project approval efforts.

Federal and state agencies, especially those which will grant eminent domain or local zoning override authority to a project, expect project developers to conduct local consultation efforts.

Often projects require local development, zoning or other agreements to move forward. Success or failure in these efforts can be based on the experience of project negotiators. Neil Palmer & Associates consultants have successfully negotiated annexations, development agreements, utility service agreements, zoning and variance permits from local governments for a wide variety of projects.

We help you negotiate in a way that creates a win-win situation for the project and local officials. We understand the views of local governments and other local stakeholders toward new projects and we understand what projects need to succeed. We can help guide your project to success.