When it comes to communicating about nuclear power plants or nuclear issues, experience is crucial. The risks are too great to rely on "spin doctors" or publicity agents. You need someone who knows the industry and its hot buttons.

That's when you call Neil Palmer & Associates.

Neil Palmer and his team have managed public information programs to permit steam generator replacement and spent-fuel storage expansion critical to the operation of the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant in Wisconsin. The programs focused on:
. Providing information to the plant's neighbors.
. Answering community questions.
. Addressing public concerns

More important, they were conducted before the plant's operators applied to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin for permits.

Neil Palmer has been involved in the nuclear power industry for more than 30 years. In the mid-1970's, Neil spearheaded siting and permitting efforts for new nuclear plants in Wisconsin. He also successfully directed a major project involving shipment of spent nuclear fuel back to Point Beach from reprocessing facilities in New York and Illinois.

In addition, he has been responsible for emergency communications planning mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and day-to-day media relations for the Point Beach Nuclear Plant. Neil and colleagues managed the Point Beach Energy Center and staff, overseeing educational outreach to schools and the local community.

Neil Palmer and his consultants have the experience, skills and commitment to serve the nuclear power industry.