• “I have never witnessed such a strong pro-project outreach effort in my life! You have brought great skills to the table with your connections and experience.”
Environmental Manager, U.S. pipeline company

• “Last Thursday the Village Board voted to accept the new zoning map with changes. The new map shows our property as I-1 as we wanted. We would not have accomplished this on our own. Thank you.”

• “This is exactly what I had in mind – I am glad you can read minds. I like how our key messages were folded into the text…very nicely done.”
Public Consultation Manager, international gas and liquids pipeline company

• “You have been a tremendous addition to the team – your community skills are unmatched, and your assessment of people and situations was remarkable. I very much enjoyed your counsel and your participation. I look forward to a time when we can work together again.”
Vice President, U.S. pipeline company

• “I am sure I speak for everyone on the project teams in thanking you for your essential contribution to our success. Your assistance has been of the highest professional standards and consistently guided us in the right direction. I have personally learned much from your expert and trusted counsel.”
Vice President, major U.S. utility